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Discover hidden corners of the country, meet new people and perform in up-close and personal spaces for a tour like no other. Venues across the Highlands and Islands are putting on Theatre, Music, Dance, Comedy, Children’s Shows and more all year round so why not see where you could end up.

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Tourbook supports performers in dance, theatre, music, comedy and more connect with promoters and venues. It is the place to showcase work, discover new acts, find venues and audiences you never knew existed and make new connections in places near and far.
With a whole host of new features, an improved interface, opportunities to engage with others and simpler ways to discover shows, venues and people across the sector, the new platform will help you to make the right connections to get shows onto stages everywhere.
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Supported Programme

The Touring Network works with a selection of companies and performers each year to bring new work to the Highlands and Islands, supporting work that might not otherwise tour and enabling us to fill gaps in geography and programming by sharing the risk of promoting between The Touring Network and promoters. Find out how it works.


Throughout the year, The Touring Network provides showcasing events and opportunities to connect you, the performers, with promoters across the country. As well as larger events such as the Gathering, we also support on-going opportunities for promoters to come and see your work and hopefully book your show for their venue. Invite promoters to see your show.

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Tourbook is the online showcasing platform for everyone who works with live performance: promoters, performers, venue representatives and networks. Since 2013, The Touring Network has used Tourbook to circulate information about touring product to its Promoters. The new Tourbook will be launching very soon – click the link to sign up to the mailing list and make sure you get a launch notification! www.tourbook.live


Advice & Support

We can offer advice and support on how to begin touring across the Highlands & Islands and are always happy to discuss your show or point you in the right direction for the information you need. Get in touch for advice.

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If you are interested in being a part of The Touring Network, receiving the latest news and updates and having your say at our annual AGM, why not become a Friend of The Touring Network. Membership is just £1.

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What Performers Are Saying

“What a terrific tour that was. Would love to do Durness and Raasay again in particular. Everywhere was grand but they were really special places.”

Sandy Thomson

The Bell Rock Co.

“Please pass our best wishes and thanks to all the fantastic venues we played on the tour. The staff were all so supportive and enthusiastic and the audiences as warm and lovely as we remembered from our last tour – many moons ago..”

Lipservice Theatre Company

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of venues will I be touring to?

Most promoters across the Highlands & Islands work in a variety of venues including village halls, community centres, pubs, local schools, church halls, arts centres and even outdoor spaces.

These are often venues which are at the heart of their communities and are used for activities ranging from a weekly library, yoga, over 60’s supper clubs, scout meetings as well as arts events – so there is rarely a dull moment.

Who will promote my event?

Venues are generally run by independent promoters, often volunteers, who work tirelessly to bring your shows to their communities. Promoters are responsible for promoting the event to their local audiences and work in partnership with the Touring Network, which provides additional support and capacity to make their job a little bit easier!

Will my show work in small spaces?

Small-scale touring is most suitable for shows that are flexible and can be configured for any sort of venue. Those with minimal technical requirements or that are self-contained are easy to tour but that doesn’t exclude the challenges of touring larger, more complex shows – it just takes the right kind of planning!

What kind of audiences can I expect?

On average, Touring Network venues can seat around 50 people, but this can vary significantly from place to place. Touring to rural and remote communities can mean intimate audiences but what they lack in numbers is made up for in hospitality, an honest and appreciative reception, and generally great banter. So if you want to talk about the show in the bar afterwards, get to know your audience and possibly return a year later to find that everyone has told their friends about your great company…then rural touring is for you.