Museums and Galleries Scotland has been managing an online inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH – a fancy name for traditional practices) in Scotland since 2011, with the purpose of safeguarding current or ‘living’ examples of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) in Scotland (in accordance with the 2003 UNESCO Convention).

Recently they’ve been working to re-develop this online inventory. The new ICH website will allow users to input their own examples of ICH to add to the inventory, as well as offering them an attractive and easy to use website on which to browse and discover ICH in Scotland. It will also allow them to easily share content through social media channels.

They are now in the stages of populating the site, with a view to launching it in June this year. In order to have an attractive and eye-catching website, they’re looking to source photographs to illustrate some of the main overarching categories on the site.  The categories are:

1.    Customs and rituals

2.    Festivals

3.    Crafts

4.    Sayings and storytelling

5.    Food

6.    Music

7.    Dance

8.    Theatre

9.    Games

10. Know How 

11. Nature and the Universe

12. Beliefs

If you feel you have any images that might be suitable for the site, MGS would love to hear from you. Please send suitable images to Norman Mitchell, Project Manager: Email Norman.

For information, the images need to be of quite high quality, so if you have something you would like to submit, please send the highest possible quality. All images used will be credited.

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