#EPICSTAGESTORY celebrates the lives of those who have transformed, connected with or programmed in our communities over the past 20 years and more. As part of our Anniversary year we are gathering stories from promoters, visiting performers and audience members which tell the history of live events in the Highlands and Islands – from the 1970’s right up until the present day.

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Do you have stories to tell of performers touring the region, or of hosting them in your communities? Did you go to a particularly special gig, theatre, comedy or dance performance in one of our remote venues across the Highlands and Islands? Are you a performer who has a story to tell of your rural touring adventure? An epic journey against the odds to get to your show? A wonderful community who were incredible hosts?

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You can follow and take part in the #EPICSTAGESTORY as it unfolds on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Memory Sharing Workshops

Kerry Duncan, our Heritage Researcher hosted memory-sharing workshops across the region in the first half of 2018 and will share her findings as part of our roaming museum and archive.

Short Film Commission

We have commissioned two film makers to create a short film which focuses on the people, places and events within the Highlands and Islands.

Touring 'Museum of Memorabilia'

A roaming museum of all the findings gathered from this project will tour the network of rural venues across the Highlands & Islands From September 2018-2019. If you are interested in hosting the exhibition, please get in touch.

The story so far…

“I went to 7:84; ‘The Cheviot, the Stag, and the Black, Black oil’, when I lived in Edderton. It was completely wonderful, unforgettable, inspiring and so energising. In my experience it was the first thing of its kind in the Highlands. It just felt so engaging. The audience were…electrified by it.”

Lizzie McDougall

Highland artist, storyteller and promoter since 1983

“We started promoting with the ‘Scottish Mime Theatre’…During the 80’s, they went on to become the ‘Crazy Cat Theatre Company’ and ‘The Clown Jewels’…Having this constant stream of musicians, actors, and clowns; people passing through, has just given our lives a real, extra dimension…it ‘lifts our lives’ here on Skye.”

Polly MacInnes

wife of Duncan MacInnes from Skye Events for all (SEALL), Duncan has promoted over 1800 events in the last 27 years

“Michael Marra… he was legendary for playing a small keyboard on an ironing board…if you could get a well-tuned piano in for him, he just thought that was fantastic. March 2012…he was very ill that night he came…but he did (go on), and we hired a piano especially for it.”

David Gilbert

from Resolis Community Arts reminiscing about memorable performances at Resolis Memorial Hall

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