Do you have an unusual space in your village?  A great hotel that closes for winter?  An under utilised town-hall or distillery?  If so we want to hear from you as we plan a unique collaboration between Grid Iron Theatre and promoters.

Members will remember meeting Grid Iron Theatre Company at the 2012 AGM and the excitement that arose in response to their desire to bring award-winning site-specific work to the Highlands.  We are now delighted to announce that this performance, The Devil’s Larder, is seeking to come to two areas in November 2015.

A promenade production,The Devils Larder weaves a sinuous and treacherous path from narrative episode to story-telling, from installation to song, and with  live music performance.

In developing this strategic partnership between promoters and Grid Iron we are now looking for promoters who would like to be involved in co-promoting this event.

Ideally we need a promoter who has access to a venue with 6-7 performances spaces/rooms during November next year. The aim is to place this in a community where the show can run over a few nights, and we would work with promoters to attract audiences from across the region.

Venues could include:

  • Local shop
  • Hotel
  • School
  • Community Centre
  • Old house
  • Estate property
  • Heritage Site
  • Distillery

In fact, the possibilities are endless.  The first staging of The Devils Larder was in a department store on Princes Street, Edinburgh.

The only prerequisite is that there are enough different performance spaces to walk the audience through.

Maybe you would like to make an evening of it and have local food and drink at the event too?

Email our Programmer Lindsay if you would like to get involved.

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