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A project by The Touring Network (Highlands & Islands)

The Touring Network’s Innovation Lab is a subsidiary project of The Touring Network which seeks to research and develop ways that digital information and tools, connected data, and design thinking can strengthen the touring infrastructure throughout Scotland and beyond.

The aim of the lab is to find better ways to connect and support performing artists, touring companies, promoters and venues to make high-quality, professional performance accessible to everyone.

Past Projects


Discover, showcase and book extraordinary live events.

Tourbook is the online showcasing platform for everyone who works with live performance: promoters, performers, venue representatives and networks.

Tourbook helps performers in dance, theatre, music, comedy and more connect with promoters and venue representatives. It is the place to showcase your work, discover new acts, find venues and audiences you never knew existed and make new connections in places near and far.

Tourbook was originally conceived and commissioned by The Touring Network, and launched to our member promoters, and to performers wanting to tour to their venues, in 2013.

Work on the new version, available to those outwith The Touring Network, began in April 2015. This work was undertaken by The Touring Network Innovation Lab.

From September 2016, the development continues within the new Tourbook company, set up by The Touring Network, but operating independently.




Venue Documentation

Documenting performance spaces and places.

The Innovation Lab has worked with partner organisations to develop a comprehensive database of venues and performance spaces throughout the Highlands & Islands. As part of this project we have researched ways in which venue documentation can be made more accessible and looked at ways to develop a standardised, open-source approach for capturing and sharing data. We have also looked at ways to develop data sets across spatial visualisation, community assets and geographic mapping.

This work will continue as part of the development of the new Tourbook.


Sustainable Touring

Exploring greener routes for touring.

In 2014 we undertook a project to explore ways to measure, document and reduce the environmental impact of touring across Scotland through research across venues, performers and audiences. Looking at mapping technologies and energy measuring schemes to explore and develop tools to boost the sustainability of touring for all.

Outcomes from this research have fed into the ways that The Touring Network operates, as well as informing the future development of Tourbook.

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