We are pleased to announce that Tourbook will soon send your listings to The List, one of the largest events and entertainment sites in the UK. The first of many listings sites we hope to link with, this feature is designed to make life easier for all promoters within the Touring Network.

Feedback we received at our members’ meetings and Marketing on a Shoestring workshops in Oct and Nov, was that you all list your programmes on a variety of different websites each month, and would save a lot of time if Tourbook could do this for you. In order for us to make sure this feature benefits everyone, we would appreciate it if you could share with us the sites and publications you regularly list on. To do this, simply email your Membership Officer with a list of the sites and publications you use.

Watch out for our Top 10 Marketing Tips, formed from the other ideas and feedback shared by promoters at the recent members’ meetings, to be published in Tourbook shortly.

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