GET IN presents, the promotions collective formed out of our GET IN project, are excited to reveal their line up of performers touring the Highlands & Islands in early 2018.  Until then, and over the next couple of months, we will be delving into the experiences of the youth promoters involved in GET IN. 

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Next up is Ruairidh Gollan a 19 year old UHI Student (and performer) from Edderton in Easter Ross.

Tell us Ruairidh, how did you hear about GET IN?
I heard about The Touring Network’s GET IN project from previous participant, Chloe Rodgers. Chloe told me it was a fantastic opportunity to increase my promoting skillset and thought I would enjoy it.

What have you enjoyed about your experience with GET IN so far?

So far, I have greatly enjoyed the process. I have loved meeting other likeminded people and have enjoyed getting in contact with artists and promoters.

Any Challenges along the way?  Tell me a bit about them…

The most difficult part of the project was trying to get other promoters on board with my tour. I have definitely gained confidence in approaching promoters, artists and people in my community.

Did you learn anything off the back of any of these challenges?

I have started conversations with artists that may lead onto future tours and I have also met a group of people that are able to help and get involved in future projects. All these networks can be transferred to my life as a musician as well.

Going forward, what difference do you think GET IN made to you?

GET IN has inspired me to get involved more in promoting, within my community and helping artists create and organise a tour. In the future, I would be interested in being an agent or manager of a band and this project has inspired me to do this.

As part of GET IN, we offer opportunities to Go See gigs / shows without any financial burdens, tell us a bit about that experience….
I have managed to Go See several different music shows. The Budapest Café Orchestra were a band that I would not normally have gone to see. They had an Eastern European sound and played a mix of classical, traditional and jazz.

How does community fit into your promoting efforts?

I feel by hosting and promoting events I am bringing the community more together and introducing more people to the community.

SO whats next for Ruairidh Gollan and GET IN?
I would like to stay on another year. I have enjoyed the process and have ideas for future tours. I also think the community will be interested in having more events on in the village hall.
In 2018, I will be volunteering at Celtic Connections again, working with the artists. I feel this will help gain a better understanding on what artists want and how to communicate with them.
I think the skills I have gained from the GET IN programme will increase my employability skill set. I will be able to communicate better with employers and colleagues and these skills will help me with planning a series of events.


It’s been a pleasure hearing about Ruairidh’s journey sofar.  To stay tuned with the announcement of his programmed artist, make sure you sign up to the GET IN presents mailing list and keep an eye on #GETINTOUR

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